Ifeanyi Chidi

Group Chairman

REASON IFEANYI CHIDI – Qualified as an entrepreneur and philanthropist with extensive experience in the fields of building businesses, management systems and developing the governance of Trusts and Corporate structured systems. Reason’s expertise covers abroad base of technical and administrative industries including but not limited to: a lubrication engineering background with a National specialty lubrication and petroleum company, which synergized with other capabilities of establishing a customer base and national distribution network; construction and development; real estate; marketing and retailing; business and finance; and Management Systems. Add to that the establishment of arange of advisory and community support servicesfor the benefit of commercial and corporate enterprises, governmental and humanitarian interests. Mr. Chidi is a financial and structural strategist with a flair for articulated planning of commercial business, infrastructure developments, and humanitarian benevolence projects on a global scale.

Zealous Chidi


REASON ZEALOUS CHIDI As Company President, brings with him an extensive experience in the establishment and development of financial departments of major organizations (especially in the banking sector) and a wide range of corporate operations from start up procedures and protocols through to managing multinational banking centres. He is also a proactive marketer of financial services and petroleum products. Through his experience, he is able to motivate staff and develop new cutting-edge financial products to orchestrate their launch and enables REASON GROUP to capture certain marketplace business for our petroleum products that we may not have gained otherwise.

Goodday Emeka Chidi


GOODDAY EMEKA CHIDI , in sync with the current trend for systematic, functional and yet creative funding, Goodday has sourced an array of specialized techniques and tools o ensure all aspects of the purpose and vision of the project are covered. Qualified as a financial specialist, hisdynamic approach to project financing is a gild—edged portrait for optimum financial liquidity and management of any valued development.



ERWIN GUNAWAN Brings on board a wide range of experience in entrepreneurial management and development of enterprises. His experience in production, manufacturing and corporate management and development practices gave him the tools to resolve a hundred years of inter-province debts in mainland China through the early nineties. Through creative and effectual practices, Mr. Erwin was acclaimed with government recognition for domestic economic achievement. His focus on exploration in financial operation and projects in strategic planning and practices has laid a solid foundation for formal investment operations in our business venture in the People Republic of China.



SUTOYOS S Is a qualified and trained retired Foreign Mission Government Agency specialist. He tactically investigates and uncovers valuable marketplace intelligence; is significantly experienced in the field of management and asset development and has vast experience in financial and banking services to assist forecast developments of corporate and enterprise growth patterns based on traditional and compiled data processing.