About Reason Group

We lead in reshaping Sub-Saharan Africa's infrastructure, delivering projects that elevate communities and industries.

About Us

REASON ENERGY AND GAS INVESTMENT LTD an International Trust Organization established on November 2011 to operate as an International Petroleum Trader and to develop a network of petroleum customers as sellers and buyers of petroleum products. Acting in its capacity it may appoint associated Companies such as: Reason Oil and Gas Sdn Bhd (A Malaysia registered Company), Reason International Merchandise Ltd and Reason Garden and complex LTD (Nigeria registered Company, UK/USA registered Company) to act as it's Trustee, Joint Venture Partner, or any other suitable capacity on behalf of the International Trust Organization.

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What Do We Do

Our character is to trade in all forms or petroleum and energy products and services for goods mercantile custom. Our profits are also applied to assist funding, and/or equity joint venture partnering to various common-interest industry groups for the development of commercial, Construction and infra-structure projects world-wide.

REASON ENERGY AND GAS INVESTMENT LTD'S mission is to provide Clients with a competitive, environmentally in-tune, and motivated company that will foster growth and prosperity in a secure partnership that enables the aims and objectives of both REASON GROUPS and any potential Client to be achieved.

With asset reserves at call we can confirm our position of involvement in any petroleum acquisition within minimal time. We have availability through our correspondent relations and international banking partners to a variety of professional advisors in various banking networks and industry segments.

Our Mission & Vision

Nurturing a Vision

At Reason Engineering & Construction Ltd, our vision is to emerge as the premier provider of essential construction services, driven by a profound commitment to improving the quality of life and delivering significant value to our stakeholders. Our mission is to touch lives by addressing fundamental construction needs while continuously enhancing our market leadership in infrastructure development, sustainable design, and expert project management solutions, thereby shaping a better future for communities and industries.