Electronics and Auto Accessories

For the past few years, Reason Int’l Merchandise LTD has been supplying Auto parts, automobile accessories, brand new cars, computers, electrical and electronics peripherals.

Construction Materials


At clients request, Reason has the necessary facilities in place to import construction materials and furniture. Weather you want French windows or Parisian rugs, you can count on me.

Real Estate Development

All the buildings that we develop or manage through Reason Garden and complex Ltd are imbued with the same cutting-edge innovation that has become our signature. We will welcome our potential real estate buyers to the world of 21st century living.

Member Companies

Reason Int'l Merchandise LTD

A Nigerian company specialized in Import and Export of building materials, Auto parts, cars, and automobile accessories, computers, electronics, electrical and electronics peripherals.

Reason Oil & Gas SDN BHD

A Malaysia registered member company trading in oil and gas, natural mineral, cooking/vegetable oil and petroleum products.

Reason Garden & Complex LTD

A subsidiary of Reason Group incorporated in Nigeria, their expertise is in real estate marketing and consultancy, hostel, hotel and apartments development and agency.

Reason energy and Gas investment Ltd

An important member of the Reason Group. This is a Nigerian licensed Oil & Gas export company, serving the oil and gas industry and specialized in oil and well cementing, Gas station, High and low pressure pumping, mud engineering, stimulation, sand control, wild well fire control, pipeline pigging, re-commissioning and commissioning, nitrogen services, coiled tubing services, cleaning and drilling fluid products, well control services waste management and general consultant.

Oil & Gas


There are two firms in the Reason Group whose primary products are oil and gas. We can supply most of the different varieties of crude, natural, diesel and refined petroleum.

Agricultural Products

Reason Group is also an agricultural products marketer. Available commodities include; high quality grain, rice, vegetable/ cooking oil, wheat, corn, cocoa, palm etc.

Mineral Resources


Through our partnership with various resource marketers, we can supply the following minerals; Gold, Silver, Copper, Rare Earth & Platinum.

Reason Group Board of Directors

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer : Reason Ifeanyi Chidi (B.sc.in Business Administration)

Vice President: Chidi Emeka Goodday (B.sc.In Civil Engineering)

Director Of Services: Zealous Chidi Ugochukwu (B.sc.In Banking and Finance )

Manager: Mrs Chinenye Benigna Reason (B.Sc.In Food Science and Technology )

Why Choose Us


Business Philosophy
Quality & Integrity are the key to our success.


Passionate about People
Creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with.


Worldwide Outlook
We understand the market trends across our global network.


Corporate Social Responsibility
An eco-friendly firm initiating long-term investment in people.