About The Founder

REASON GROUP has an exciting and impressive heritage of innovation, perseverance and bold decision-making.
The company's strong quality and people-focused culture was established and defined by its founding visionary: Reason Chidi Ifeanyi. A constant innovator, entrepreneur and devotee of best practice, he changed the way intercontinental business is conducted.
Born with the name IFEANYICHUKWU (nothing is greater than God) and of Igbo heritage, Reason Chidi ifeanyi is from Eastern, Nigeria. He had his BSC in Business Administration from Glastonbury University in UK. His educational career spanned over 4 continents, From Africa to Asia, Europe. He saved and bought his first property by age 21, and at 26 he has widened and expanded his business from a family cottage business to a diversified global business outreach with over four more establishment added to his innovative golden business feathers.
Due to the business climate in Africa, Ifeanyi Showing his entrepreneurial spirit early founded his real estate business Reason Garden and complex Ltd: which was initially devoted to Real estate selling and consultancy, and later diversified into, hostel, hotel and apartment’s development and agency.
After some years, Ifeanyi rapidly expanded his business to create a vast empire, which covered every aspect of real estate, With Reason oil and Gas Sdn Bhd: trading in oil and gas, Natural mineral, Cooking/Vegetable oil, and Petroleum products, Reason International Merchandise Ltd: which deals in Import and export of building materials, cars, computers, and electronics.
Reason Energy and Upstream Resources ltd, a Nigerian licensed oil & Gas exporter and consultancy.
Reason Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian registered limited liability company, which caters for Global oil and gas consultancy and agency of the group.
Although ambitious, IFEANYICHUKWU is a caring man, widely respected for responding to the needs of others. His ethical values and high standards is passed down to all staff. Employees at all levels of the company have a loyal allegiance to IFEANYICHUKWU, to attest to this, 99% of the pioneer staff are still staying with the company over the years. IFEANYICHUKWU devotes much of his time and income to business advancement and philanthropic endeavors,
Today, REASON GROUP is a formidable force in global business consultancy, supplies and agency. With nearly 10 franchises across Europe (London-UK), Asia (Negeri Sembilan-Malaysia), Africa (Lagos- Nigeria) and a growing platform globally, REASON GROUP’s success is Exciting and infectious. In keeping with IFEANYI's tradition of trailblazing, the company is poised to be the true business leader of the next century.

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Business Philosophy
Quality & Integrity are the key to our success.


Passionate about People
Creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with.


Worldwide Outlook
We understand the market trends across our global network.


Corporate Social Responsibility
An eco-friendly firm initiating long-term investment in people.